Tassos Kolydas has studied Musicology (PhD) , Computer Science (MSc), and Guitar. He graduated cum laude from the Faculty of Music Studies of the University of Athens. He completed his PhD dissertation in the discipline of historical musicology, having been granted a scholarship by the Institute of State Scholarships. He holds a Master’s Degree in Informatics (computer science) from the University of Piraeus.

He has published musicological and computer science papers, in both Greek and international journals. He has presented papers on musicology and computer science at international conferences, and lectures on the history of the guitar in Greek guitar seminars. He has developed Internet applications in research projects on the digitization of cultural collections undertaken by the University of Athens, the Greek National Opera,  the Institute of Research on Music and Acoustics and the Department of Traditional Music of Epirus TEI. He has taught guitar and courses on history of music in various conservatories in Athens.

He is a founding member and member of the editorial committee of the musicological journal Polyphonia and of the student's journal MouSA. He has served as Chairman of the Students' Committee, Chairman of the Alumni of the Faculty of Musical Studies of the University of Athens and Executive Secretary of the Greek Music Council.

He has udertaken a Research Associate position on the Department of Traditional Music of TEI Epirus. He has worked as a teacher at the Preveza Music School and the Ilion Music School. He is currently a member of the Laboratory - Teaching Stuff at the University of Athens.