Tassos Kolydas presenter a paper at the 8th Conference of the Greek Society for Music Education, entitled Digital Scores: Selecting Software for Teaching Music in Greek Public Schools

Digital scores provide valuable support to music teachers, either as aids for lesson design and implementation or as products of the educational process. From teaching music notation to supporting school musical events, a digital score is a consistent part of a music teacher’s efforts. Factors related to day-to-day classroom management are taken into account along with factors including equipment availability, financial resources for the acquisition of hardware and software, increased teacher workloads, and teaching in multiple schools. Since learning a score editing program involves a steep learning curve, software selection must be undertaken with care to ensure that it offers long-term benefits to both teachers and students.

All things considered, it can be safely deduced that FOSS is the best choice for the Greek educational system.

Students using FOSS benefit from the unique experience it offers for developing creativity. The paper also offers suggestions for defining future teaching strategies and policies relative to ICT usage in music lessons.

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