Tassos Kolydas, "Digital literacy and music: an approach to beliefs about quality, regarding lossy algorithms for compressing audio signal", Music Literacy: Formal and Informal Ways of Music Teaching-Learning (GSME 7th Conference), Thessaloniki, 2015


Abstract: The survey's aim is to approach beliefs among young people about lossy audio compression algorithms. Especially to locate and identify misconceptions about the ability of the mp3 algorithm to produce identical results with uncompressed audio, although it eliminates part of the music information. Data was collected from answers to closed-ended questions, from students attending music technology courses. The students were invited, during diagnostic tests, to express their views if they would prefer to save a sound recording in mp3 file type or not, when maximum fidelity was requested. A large part of the sample, considered that storing audio using the mp3 algorithm was the best way to preserve the fidelity of a recording. More specifically, storing the audio in mp3 file type produces the same result as the Audio CD. The results help identify misinterpretations on Information and Communication Technologies among young people.

Key-words: Digital literacy, lossy audio compression, mp3, Information and Communication Technologies

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